Why diesel Engine don't have spark plug?

Why diesel Engine don't have spark plug ?

Saurabh Jain on June 15 at 10:55 PM in Mechanical Engineering
3 Answer(s)
diesel engine generates too much air pollution than petrol is not environmental friendly.
sunday owen udoukpong on December 29 at 01:11 AM
Diesel has low ignition temperature w.r.t. gasoline/ petrol and it is denser as well. In diesel cycle the compression ratio is 16 to 22:1 which is good enough to give a homogeneous combustion in very short time of piston movement. Adding spark to diesel will cause premature, inhomogeneous combustion.
Manish Gupta on June 21 at 12:14 PM
diesel is denser then petrol more over, both engines works on diff cycles. spark plug will not prove to be a key to homogenous cumbustion in diesel and fuel will ignite early
sachin bhardwaj on June 16 at 05:45 PM

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