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I have seen a lack of community platforms for easy sharing and discussion of calculations (spreadsheets, equations, calculators etc.). There are plenty of ready made calculators, but very few which are community driven. In my opinion such platforms could be used to share calculations with colleagues, answer forum posts, build a reputation on your calculation expertise etc. I'd like to open this post to discuss the use, applicability and interest of such a platform. Please have a look at an example of such a platform,, to get an idea of what I am referring to.

Do you know of any existing such tools today that you make use of? Would you use for it in hobbyist projects? Or mainly profesionally to share calculations with customers and colleagues? Any particular ideas.

Disclaimer: I am currently partly involved developing calcopedia. However, I do believe it is a topic of general interest to the engineering community with potential to enrich the online engineering ecosystem, and I am deeply engaged in the topic as a whole.

David Sandgren on July 24 at 02:33 PM in Other Questions
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