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Can a good engineer become a successful entrepreneur?

Can a good engineer become a successful entrepreneur?


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An engineer or a scientist simply cannot be a high-level leader in an engineering company and should not be even trained to become one. Furthermore, in-depth technical knowledge should be viewed as a burden, an obstacle that prevents an engineering professional from becoming a successful leader by developing a broad understanding and a clear vision of various administrative, financial, and psychological issues.
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We live in a world that needs creative leadership, and the necessity for effective scientific and technological entrepreneurship is increasing. Rapid technological change and the emerging global marketplace provide challenges for engineers and businessmen. Understanding how to recognize and evaluate market opportunities has become crucial in the new environment.A technological professional with entrepreneurial skills has a better chance than a business administrator of moving innovations from research into manufacturing and the marketplace. The professional qualifications of an engineer are not an obstacle, but an important prerequisite for making a business successful.
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